The Inital Announcment

by Jolly's Pack Shop

Ahoy, Friends and Family

we wanted to let you all know that we are going to try and do a thing. And that thing is to open a small brick and mortar game store. This is just the first step of a grander vision that would allow this store to be a community center. In a little more than the last 18 months there have been 4 game stores that have closed. These closings have left many with out a local place to buy gaming or hobby accessories and taken away a place to play games. Having been most of 2020 without group gatherings many people are wanting and craving human interaction.


Who are we?

You may already know me, but if you got this forwarded to you, which I kind of hope you may have, my name is Nick. I have a passion for people, community, and building things. My wife Lisa and I have been a part of the St Augustine gaming scene for over 5 years and have played a variety of games and made many friends in that time. Over the last 6 months of 2020 I managed the online sales and shipping for a local game store. In the last months of a friends store being open many people would come in just to say hey, hope to see a friend, and many asked when can we get back to in-store gaming. This hurts to see so many people wanting to gather and not being able to, as well you can tell the mental burden it is on them to not be able to see friends. Lisa and I would like to try and do something about it.


What am I doing?

We are opening a game store and cafe called Jolly’s Pack Shop. Most game stores need additional ways to make money as the retail portion only brings in so much and that is why we are wanting to open the cafe with the game store, as the other options like events are not as viable at this time. This will be phased opening plan in that we will get the game store open and then work to satisfy the requirements to serve food and beverage from the cafe. In the future we would like to occupy the larger location next door and expand the gaming and retail floor space which is part of a much larger vision to be a youth outreach location giving teens and young adults a place to feel welcomed and accepted.


Where are we doing it?

We am looking to lease a 1200 sqft unit near where another game store previously occupied in the world golf village. we choose this location as it was central to both Jacksonville and St Augustine and had close highway access for tourists.


When is it taking place?

I started Jolly’s Pack Shop in September by selling singles (term for single trading cards from games like pokemon, Magic: The Gathering, yougioh, etc.), and am now looking to start expanding an carrying more products. The initial trials of selling on ebay and other outlets proved fruitful. we have recently acquired the LLC, EIN, and have applied for a resale certificate. we have also reached out to the leasing agent to find out what all he will need so that we can begin my lease. we are planning a minimal initial build out with metal industrial shelving and some peg board with a simple color scheme. Upgrades will come as we move, expand, and grow.


Why should you care?

If you gamed in St Augustine we would like to think you would like to have a place to play again when all is well to play in stores, if not we hope you can see how game stores are a not only a place to play games, but to meet friends, socialize, and feel accepted.


How can you help?

So here is my ask. We are selling some t-shirts and opening a go fund me to help me get going a little faster. The link to the T-shirt is<link Stub> and we are selling them for $19.99 this is a pre-sale with expected delivery <Date>. The shirts will have a version of the pack shop logo. The GoFundMe is if you would like to donate further the cause.


How will we use the raised funds?

We will be using the funds raised to secure our retail space and help with build out and inventory costs to expand our current offering with more TCGs, Some top selling Board games, and a variety of gaming accessories. The build out needs are Paint, shelving, and some extra tables and chairs and will make the space feel more on brand for us. Inventory we would bring in would be more sealed trading game products, a top selection of board games, and some tabletop war-games. Dice, card sleeves, and many other game accessories will be able to be stocked. Any additional funds will help offset any unforeseen issues that may come up.



Nick “Jolly” and Lisa




"A ship is safe in a harbor, but that is not what ships are built for." - John Shedd, Salt from My Attic

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